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Superman Evangelism

Good Evening. A Puritan’s Mind brings you the old time radio program The Wild Boar News Podcast from Sunny South Florida. Welcome, I’m Dr. Matthew McMahon.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, its about time. This week the movie Superman Returns hits the movie theaters. The Man of Steel returns in much the same format as the previous first two movies in the 80’s, but with super special affects. The storyline was much like the initial Star Trek movie that, for its time, was about reuniting the actors, and housing some of the latest technology.
Superman Returns is much the same. It reunites the characters and wows the audience with cutting edge special affects that will leave you breathless. I’ts not intellectually deep, and does not have a super-compelling storyline. It really is simply bringing in to light a great superhero to a new generation that doesn’t want to watch campy special effects of the 80’s. I think compelling storylines on Superman will hold out for the next two movies they intend to make.

Enter, New Man Magazine. They boast that they are “America’s #1 Magazine for Christian Men.” Its May/June cover proudly displays a picture of none other than the Man of Steel. Why? Well, their main headline article is called, “The Gospel According to the Man of Steel” by Stephen Skelton, president of Entertainment Ministries. (No comment there at this time.) Its subtitle, “Look, up on the silver screen! It’s Superman in one of the biggest films of 2006. The Man of Steel reflects the real super man, Jesus. So why not use “Superman Returns” to witness to friends and family this summer?” (End Quote) I’ll tell you why – its not the Bible. The church has this compelling need to use special affects and trendy means to try and make the Gospel more appealing. It’s why Skelton is president of Entertainment ministries that goal is to use “today’s entertainment media to reveal spiritual truth.”

And I thought we were to use the Bible.

In any case, the article goes on to compare the various nuances that Superman and Super Jesus have in common. They both have El, in their name. Superman’s parents were modeled after Mary and Joseph. Superman’s arch enemy is named Lex Luthor, suspiciously sounding like Lucifer (I guess if you say it fast enough). Superman gets his power from the Sun (sun) where Jesus is the Son (Son). Okay… Both Superman and Christ possess superhuman strength (one physical one spiritual). Superman has X-ray vision, and nothing is hidden from Christ’s sight. Superman flies “up up and away”, and Christ ascended into heaven…do I need to continue?

Where do these people get his stuff? I guess from the homosexual director Bryan Singer who said, “Superman is the Jesus Christ of Superheroes.” No friends, Superman is not the Gospel, and there is no Gospel according to Superman. Jesus Christ does not need any help from America’s #1 Christian Men Magazine in order to make Himself more appealing to people who hate Him. What we don’t find in the article is anything about forgiveness, sin, repentance, hell, justification or any real Christian Gospel truth that matters to souls.

It is unfortunate, but true - the modern 21st century church is much like the movies today. Little substance, but with great special effects.

This is Dr. Matthew McMahon signing off.

Amen Dr. McMahon.

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