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Skybox Tickets at Promise Keepers

Good Evening. A Puritan’s Mind brings you the old time radio program The Wild Boar News Podcast from Sunny SouthFlorida.

Welcome, I’m Dr. Matthew McMahon.

This just in – Skybox – sports in the lap of luxury.

Skybox, have you ever been? Sports games are often watched in the lap of luxury with unlimited food, fun and usually debauchery of all sorts. I’ve heard the stories. It’s a keg party under the guise of class and sophistication in the skybox. It’s the “behind the door experience” for the rich, and a few lucky ones who might go along for the ride. Arenas offer first class luxury skybox tickets for a nominal fee. Miami Heat Skybox tickets run anywhere from $1000 to $1500 dollars. Boston Redsox skybox tickets run $1200 to $1750.

Promise Keeper’s is entertaining people this weekend with their “Unleashed: Releasing the raw power of your heart” conference. It’s held at the Bank Atlantic Center, the arena of the Florida Panthers.

A colleague at work said, “I’m going to the PK conference tonight. I have skybox seats. It should be a great time of fellowship.”

I have two questions for him.

1) How much were those seats? The Florida Panthers charge hundreds for skybox tickets. PK probably charges more. And

2) Will they be serving free beer and chips throughout the night?

If he comes in Monday with a hangover, I’ll already know the answer.This is Dr. Matthew McMahon signing off.